National Association of Christian Ministers

National Association of Christian Ministers

Answering His Call to Advance the Gospel and Unite the Body of Christ.

Welcome to our Minister Verification and Accountability System

Here you can verify a minister for the following reasons:

1) You are considering hiring them for ministerial work, or to perform a wedding, etc.

2) They claim membership with us and you have seen them behaving unethically.


The National Association of Christian Ministers, LC (NACM)  does not claim responsibility for its ministers/members. They are “independent” ministers of Jesus Christ who are recognized by the NACM as such. However, each minister is held accountable as Christians by the NACM if they are to maintain their “recognized” status as an ordained minister. If an investigation ever finds serious violations of Christian ethics, morals, and values; sanctions may be applied to the severest extent of the revocation of the minister's credentials.


Herein is our minister verification and accountability system. 

If you would like to verify a minister, please fill out the below form and a member

of our team will contact you shortly.

Note: we can only verify ministers that are licensed with our organization.

Your name or organization's name:
Email address to which we can respond:
Name of the minister you wish to verify:
Reason for inquiry:
Do you understand that we can only verify ministers that are associated with our organization? Yes
Do you understand that all of our ministers are "independent" associates, and are not representatives of the NACM? Yes


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