National Association of Christian Ministers
250 S. Pleasantburg Dr. Ste. 125, Greenville SC 29607 

National Association of Christian Ministers

Answering His Call to Advance the Gospel and Unite the Body of Christ.

A message from our president:

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus!  I would like to personally thank you for following our membership process.  We are an organization of more than 13,000 "real people" with real families, jobs, and ministries.  Our leaders hold local conferences across the USA; making personal contact with members. It all begins with the membership application -which is reviewed by one of our elders before approval.  This is why we require verifiable contact information for membership.  

At the same time, privacy is one of our #1 priorities.  If your request for membership is approved, your email, phone number, and address will be invisible to our members and anyone else for that matter -Google, search engines, etc. Only you and a small group of our administrating team will be able to access it

Over the years of serving our fellowship, I find that applicants generally fit one of three categories: 

  • Those who find it simple 
  • Others who find it challenging; and 
  • Occasionally, those with personal agendas who think "it is not worth the time."  

Most applicants who find this challenging are those who are not very acquainted with the Internet.  Do not worry, you do not have to be a technology guru to fit in here (smile).  The average ages of our membership are between 45-55, with the majority not knowing much more about computers than checking their email & visiting websites.  If this remotely describes you, we are here to help if you need assistance.   

This process is not because of any idea that we are any better that anyone else.  Rather, our goal is to discover those who we think will be happy within our fellowship; seeking ministry with the same values that we hold. This way our members and our applicants benefit in the long term. Time and again, God has honored this application to reveal those who sincerely wish to be members vs. those who are just aimlessly passing through.  

Look at how easy this is.

At the bottom of this page you will see a button that states "Finish Your Application."  

When you click on it, you see a page that looks like the one below:

Next you will see a page with a few questions like the one you see below:

When you press the "join" button and you are fished. You application will be sent to one of our administrators for review.  Keep an eye on your email because that is how we will notify you of approval.  Also consider your "spam" folder because sometimes email gets directed there by mistake. You may have an answer as soon as within an hour, but you will have a reply within 24 hours.