National Association of Christian Ministers
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National Association of Christian Ministers

Answering His Call to Advance the Gospel and Unite the Body of Christ.

A few more things you need to know:

a) You are applying for membership with our ministerial fellowship.  

At present, we have more than 20,000 members in the US (not including internationally). We believe the integrity of our organization rests upon the validity of our membership records.  After all, what good is a confirmation of God's calling upon someone's life (ordination) if their identity cannot be verified?  

Personal contact information such as your address and phone number are only visible to you and our administrators. Fellow members cannot see these details.

Access to our fellowship is password protected.  This means that a log in is required to view member profiles.  Therefore, you may be confident that none of your profile information will show up in a Google search.

We want to be clear that we are real people, transparent about who we are in service to Jesus Christ our Lord.  Therefore, we require all members maintain the most accurate information about their identities, means of contact, etc. We consider anything less than this standard to be dishonest; warranting dismissal from our fellowship

b) Membership and the recognition of ordination are not one in the same.

Membership is your acceptance and access to the fellowship.  Ordination is a status granted to people who have been formally recognized as ministers by our fellowship.  

For example, church membership is not the same as serving as a deacon, elder, or pastor of a church. This is not a good comparison to the structure of our organization, but it makes the distinction clear.  All members are encouraged to apply for ordination, but the key idea here is that they must apply.

We make exceptions for applicants:

*  in witness protection programs.

*  missionaries in hostile countries.

Applicants under these conditions, please contact 

Exec. Elder Greg Roberson at: 


c) Your application is not automated.  It will be reviewed by at least one of our Elders.

We seek to approve member requests for sake of the Gospel.  Unfortunately, applications are often denied for the following reasons which may be easily avoided:

  • Did not include First & Last Name   
  • Did not include Valid Phone Number
  • Did not include Complete Address 
  • Did not include Correct Email 
  • Did not take the time to answer ministry questions

PLEASE NOTE: if you are genuinely interested in membership, pay careful attention to these things when you apply.

If you experience technical difficulties, please email us at: