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National Association of Christian Ministers

Answering His Call to Advance the Gospel and Unite the Body of Christ.

Ministerial Resources Department of the NACM

This area is provided to make a "one stop" location where ordained ministers can locate a wealth of ministerial resources.

Minister's Mentor Program

Would you like to have a better understanding of theology and the Bible? (click here for answers)  Would you like to be able to answer the questions of unbelievers with solid apologetic reasoning. Would you like to know more about Christian philosophy and how it has shaped the ways Christians look at the Bible?  Would you like to more about church history?  You may enjoy participating in our Minister Mentor Program.  It is offered by the NACM, free of charge.

Ministry Opportunities


How do I get ministerial experience? (click for answers)  Can I volunteer at the NACM?  How can I help the National Association of Christian Ministers?  

How do I find professional ministry jobs? (click for answers) How do I find churches who need pastors? How can I locate and apply for ministry classifieds and staff openings? 

Approach to Christian Counseling 


Would you like to know how to offer people with Biblical Christian counseling?  How do you offer comfort to someone who is grieving over death?  How do you address addiction? How do you get through to "good Christians" who may need to heat that they may not be good?  Biblical Christian Counseling (click here for answers)

Department of Leadership and Development


Would you like to learn interpersonal leadership skills?  Would you like to know how to lead a congregation of people to follow God?  Would you like to know how to increase your persuasiveness and ministry growth?  If so, you may be interested in participating in our Free Christian leadership Development Program. (click here for answers)


Would you like to know more about Leadership Theory?  Would you like to understand how to manage a church, and non-profit management?  Would you like to enrich your personal growth and development as a minster?  Is so, you may enjoy reading our Christian Leadership Journal. (click here for answers)

Minister's E-Library of Bibles, Commentaries, Concordances,  Studies, Maps, etc.


Would you like to have free access to an entire Bible study library?  Do you like doing word searches in scripture?  Do you find yourself needing accurate theological information?  If so, you will love using our free minister's library. (click for answers)

NACM Church Planting Division


How do I start a church or a ministry? (click here for answers)  How do I find like minded people who are also church planting?  How can I find more information on how to make churches grow?  

Differences Between a Licensed Minister, Chaplin, Evangelist, Pastor, Deacon, etc.?



Can an licensed minister also be an ordained minister? (click for answers) What is the difference between all of the titles and offices of ministry?  Is there a difference between being an Elder, and being an Ordained Minister? 

Ordination of Women


Can women be ordained? (click for answers)  Should they be permitted to initiate the Rites of the Christian faith?  Where does the NACM stand on the ordination of women?  How do we answer this questions with scripture? 

Ordained Ministers and the History of Marriage



Should ministers officiate weddings? (click for answers)  Is this concept Biblical?  How did the forefathers of America handle the first marriage?  

Validity of Ordination



What is legal ordination? (click for answers)  How do I know if my credentials will be accepted?  Who has the authority to ordain?  Is ministry recognized by the government?  

Can Ordained Ministers Be Divorced?



What about divorced ministers? (click for answers) Can a person be called to ministry after a divorce? Can a pastor go through a divorce? 

Can Ministers Have Rebellious Children?


Does a person have to quit ministry if their children are unruly? (click for answers) Should they really be able to control family?  Should they not be permitted to serve as deacons, pastors, etc. if they home is disrupted by disobedient kids?  

Do Ministers Have to Attend Seminary?



Do I have to go to school (seminary) to be a minister? (click for answers)  If I chose to go, how do I know when I have found a good school? What is a minister's degree?  How do they use them in ministry? What is an "honorary degree?"  Do I really want one? 


Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations
A quick reference guide of federal tax law and procedures for churches and religious organizations, to help them comply with tax rules.

Exemption Requirements - Section 501(c)(3) Organizations

A brief description of the requirements for exemption under IRC Section 501(c)(3).